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Lights On! in the News

JUL 8, 2022 │ Asheville Citizen Times │ Asheville, NC
“Asheville police to provide vouchers instead of citations for certain traffic stops”

JUL 7, 2022 │ ABC 13 News │ Asheville, NC
“Asheville partnership delivers repair vouchers instead of tickets for some”

JUL 6, 2022 │ Faribault Daily News │ Faribault, MN
“Police can now give out free vehicle light repairs”

JUL 1, 2022│ Sullivan County Democrat │ Village of Liberty, NY
“Lights On! partners with Village of Liberty Police Department”

JUN 27, 2022 │ Hudson Valley Post │ Village of Liberty, NY
“Village of Liberty police participating in unique program”

JUN 27, 2022 │ KMOV4 │ St. Louis, MO
“City of St. Charles to start Lights On! initiative”

JUN 15, 2022 │ Connect Savannah │ Chatham County, GA
“Lights On! program gives Chatham Co. Police Dept. alternative method to issuing traffic citations”

JUN 13, 2022 │ Savannah Business Journal │ Chatham County, GA
“Chatham County Police Department announces Georgia’s first ‘Lights On!’ program”

JUN 7, 2022 │ Savannah Morning News │ Chatham County, GA
“Tail light out? Chatham County Police to issue vouchers instead of tickets”

JUN 2, 2022 │ Fox 28 Savannah │ Chatham County, GA
“Chatham County Police to announce Georgia’s first ‘Lights On!’ voucher program”

JUN 2, 2022 │ News 4 │ Takoma Park, WA
“Takoma Park Police to give vouchers instead of tickets for some car issues

MAY 17, 2022 │ KEYC News Now │ Montgomery, MN
“Montgomery Police Department replaces tickets with vouchers for drivers with broken lights”

APR 29, 2022 │ New Bedford Guide │ New Bedford, MA
“New Bedford Police Department teams up with the New England Patriots for ‘Lights On!’ campaign”

APR 28, 2022 │ CBS News Boston │ New Bedford, MA
“Patriots, New Bedford Police team up to ease some traffic stop tension with vouchers”

APR 26, 2022│ Montana Right Now│ Great Falls, MT
“CCSO announces new program to help drivers with busted headlights, taillights, and turn signals”

APR 21, 2022 │ Newsday │ Suffolk County, NY
“Vouchers to replace tickets in new Suffolk County Police program”

APR 21, 2022 │ 4 New York │ Long Island, NY
“Instead of tickets for defective lights, LI drivers will get vouchers to fix them”

MAR 17, 2022 │ WTOP News │ College Park, MD
“U.Md. police: Broken taillight? We’ll help you get it fixed”

MAR 13, 2022 │ The Diamondback │ College Park, MD
“New UMPD program offers vouchers for car repairs”

FEB 10, 2022 │ NBC 10 News │ New Bedford, MA
“New Bedford police pull drivers overs, surprise them with vouchers to fix broken tail light”

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