Law Enforcement Partnership

Lights On! partners with law enforcement agencies to help improve police-community relations and public safety. Rather than writing a ticket, officers are able to provide a voucher for a free car bulb replacement at a participating local auto shop, turning a traffic stop into a positive exchange.

Start A Program

Partnership with local law enforcement is what drives the success of Lights On! By joining forces with over 150 other agencies around the country, you are demonstrating that you want to build bridges, create safer roads, and better the lives of people in your community.

Want to start a program in your area? Get in contact with us. For Minnesota law enforcement agencies, joining Lights On! only requires a verbal commitment. For out-of-state agencies, we do require a written commitment. Please contact us for more details.

Together we are stabilizing lives and fostering safe communities—we hope you join us!

Benefits Of Partnership

  • Safer roads with the reduction in faulty car lights.

  • Improved police-community relations.

  • Low-income drivers are spared the choice between repairs, fines, or groceries.

  • Decreased officer stress because they are now able to deliver good news.

  • Community members can rethink problem-solving from punishment to solutions.

Current Partners

Already a Law Enforcement partner? Order more vouchers or contact us with questions.

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Participating Law Enforcement Agencies by State

It’s a great opportunity for our officers to have good interactions with community members.

Particiapting Police Officer

He had, you know, a little bit of attitude, kind of like, ‘why are you stopping me.’ I informed him about the headlight being out, and his attitude really changed when I gave them the voucher.

Sophie Epstein
Police Officer

Lights On! can absolutely make a difference…In a time, now, where trust and legitimacy with police departments and communities are at a tipping point, [the program] is vitally important. It can help us start the dialogue. It can help us start the conversation.

Medaria Arradondo
Former Minneapolis Police Chief

It has had a profound impact on how we interact with each other, it has changed perceptions and changed the outcome of these traffic stops in a positive way.

Jeff Tate
Shakopee Police Chief

FAQs About Our Law Enforcement Partnerships

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