Building Community,
One Lightbulb at a time.

Lights On! partners with law enforcement and auto service providers to replace traffic tickets with repair vouchers. The vouchers fix the bulbs, improve safety, and mitigate what often becomes a downward spiral for lower income members of our communities.

Lights On! turns the potential confrontation of the traffic stop into an opportunity to connect one-on-one in a productive, restorative experience.

Stopping the Spiral

No one should have their life upended because of a lightbulb. We know that across many communities, a broken taillight or turn signal can trigger a chain reaction that could lead to destabilizing families. What is meant to keep everyone on the road safe, can instead cause immense harm to those on the receiving end of a traffic stop. Lights On! is working to change that.

A Community-Wide Impact

Improved police and community relations

A new approach to societal problems

A positive path for low-income drivers

Better prioritization of community resources

Safer cars on the road

Less police officer stress

I have been saved by the program. There’s no way I could have gotten [my light] fixed. Now, it’s safe for my son and myself.

Voucher Recipient

Last night I was pulled over for a busted tail and headlights. I had a pretty rough day, and a rough year to tell the truth. After thinking I was in for a slew of tickets, the officer gave me a voucher for a free repair. It brought tears to my eyes to experience such courtesy and generosity in that moment. 

The officer is the epitome of protect and serve, and reflects the best qualities of law enforcement that we’ve seem to have forgotten as of late.

Voucher Recipient

Lights On! can absolutely make a difference…In a time, now, where trust and legitimacy with police departments and communities are at a tipping point, [the program] is vitally important. It can help us start the dialogue. It can help us start the conversation.

Medaria Arradondo
Former Minneapolis Police Chief

When I talk about the [Lights On] relationship, people are really impressed that we are involved in something so great. It’s great for our business and for our reputation.

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