Welcome to Lights On!

Thank you so much for joining the Lights On! program. You are joining a program that includes over 150 law enforcement agencies and over 350 auto shops to give out repair vouchers to drivers with burned out bulbs. These vouchers lead to safer cars on the road, help heal police and community relations, and, by avoiding tickets, prevent a ripple effect that can seriously affect the financial stability of low-income drivers.

This program could not exist without the generosity of our auto shop partners. Your participation is a great way for auto shops to give back to their communities and build goodwill. More information is below.

About Your Partnership

The Lights On! program is not intended to be a sales opportunity; however, although this is not something we can promise, numerous participating auto centers have told us that their involvement in Lights On! has translated into increased business. The Lights On! program is solely for the purpose of serving our communities.

Involvement in Lights On! is a simple process for you. All you need to do is replace or repair a bulb and we will cover your costs.

Overview of Terms of Agreement

We are extremely thankful that you have chosen to join us and service your community.