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Law Enforcement Partnership

Lights On! partners with law enforcement agencies to help improve police-community relations and public safety. Rather than writing a ticket, officers are able to provide a voucher for a free car bulb replacement at a participating local auto shop, turning a traffic stop into a positive exchange.

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Partnership with local law enforcement is what drives the success of Lights On! By joining forces with over 150 other agencies around the country, you are demonstrating that you want to build bridges, create safer roads, and better the lives of people in your community.

Want to start a program in your area? Get in contact with us. For Minnesota law enforcement agencies, joining Lights On! only requires a verbal commitment. For out-of-state agencies, we do require a written commitment. Please contact us for more details.

Together we are stabilizing lives and fostering safe communities—we hope you join us!

Benefits of Partnership

  • Safer roads with the reduction in faulty car lights.

  • Improved police-community relations.

  • Low-income drivers are spared the choice between repairs, fines, or groceries.

  • Decreased officer stress because they are now able to deliver good news.

  • Community members can rethink problem-solving from punishment to solutions.

Current Partners

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Participating Law Enforcement Agencies By State

FAQs About Our Law Enforcement Partnerships

After signing on as a Lights On! partner, we provide you with customized vouchers that your officers then issue to drivers. Drivers then take the vouchers to a participating auto repair shop for a free bulb repair, and the shops bill Lights On! at agreed-upon rates for their work.

For law enforcement agencies in Minnesota: Lights On! covers the costs of printing the voucher, bulb repairs, and program administration.

For law enforcement agencies outside of Minnesota: Lights On! asks that your agency make a donation to the program. Amount is determined by population size.

Each department has the option to include a tear-off stub on each of your vouchers. Including the stub gives the officers a place to record a few important pieces of information. For departments that utilize CAD systems, no stubs are necessary. Also, each voucher and voucher book has a unique serial number that is included for department use.

Minnesota law enforcement agencies do not need to sign a contract; however, we do ask out-of-state agencies to sign a written commitment.

Each department can implement Lights On! how they see fit, but there are a few things that we ask you to consider:

  • Please do not issue a ticket or citation at the same time that you give the driver a voucher. If that driver has other problems, then those should take priority. Any goodwill that can be gained by giving a voucher will be lost if they also receive a ticket.
  • We recommend that you set a department standard as to who should receive the vouchers to prevent any problems related to inconsistent practice.

Lights On! makes every effort to partner with several auto shops in your community. Our goal is to make it as convenient as possible for the drivers to get their lights fixed.

To find a participating shop that is the most convenient to each voucher recipient, all they have to do is visit our Redeem page, enter their zip code and the nearest shops will appear on the map. Also on that page will be the shops’ address, phone number, hours of operation and web address.

Please recruit any shops near you that you feel might be interested in joining Lights On!. We ask that you call them first and give them a brief introduction to the program. We will take it from there.

Lights On!’s goal is to fix 99% of bulb problems, so we pay for additional light repairs, like extra labor or wiring issues, up to $250.

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